Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 2: Love is Kind... completed???

So, dh and I watched fireproof with my bff and her husband.  We all teared up or cried.  Dh says he didn't but I think that's only cuz there was another guy in the room. He's normally one to get teary-eyed at movies.

During the movie my bff told her dh that I was doing the love dare with my dh.  I hadn't told him.  oops.

So the movie was done and my bff said she was going to get the book and do the love dare with her dh.  Wow.  I really thought they'd see the movie and say, "yeah, sure.  might work for others but not for us"  I'm proud of her.

We got home and dh and I were talking about Fireproof and the love dare and he pipes up, "so what day are you on?"  And I had to tell him how long it took me to get through day one.  He laughed.  I laughed, too, but was somewhat hurt.  I fought hard to get through day one.  And then I realized I might not accomplish day two.  I still had no idea what I was going to do for the "unexpected gesture".

He must have seen me think it because he followed it with, "You've already completed day 2."

What???  How???

"When I woke you up this morning and said your coffee was ready you came right down."

That was 10:00am.  I *SHOULD* be up much earlier than that on a regular basis.  But I struggle with it.  Sometimes it's depression.  Other times is insomnia from the previous night.  But there are too many times where there is no reason.  Me getting out of bed the first time he asks at 10:00am should not be an "unexpected gesture". It should be expected that I get out of bed at a reasonasble hour.  Period.  I've been working on this for some time now.  I need to work harder at it.  But I don't know what a good end goal is.  Baby Steps...  It will take time.  But it will happen.  I won't always be perfect about it.  But there will be progress.

So, Day 2 down.  Can I make it through day 3?  And tonight I'm not scared about day 3 (buy your spouse something that says, "I was thinking of you today"), I'm sad about day 2.  Something I should have been doing...  *shakes head*  I guess it really is the little things.

And now I should get to bed.  So I can hopefully get up at a reasonable hour.

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Sheryl said...

Don't give up on your goals, with baby steps you can achieve anything.