Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, I'm taking the Flats Challenge.  I'm not concerned about using flats at all. Not even worried about pins!  I used flats and pins exclusively for my (now 5yo) daughter. My concern is not so much with the washing either.  It's the drying. Thankfully this is the appropriate time of year to line dry. However, I've decided to make this as much of a challenge as I can.

How you ask? I'm mostly going to use things that can be found local to me. Either cheap or free.

  • Gerber (trash) flats
  • scrap fabric flat
  • WalMart flour sack towels (buying tomorrow)
  • homemade detergent (will post recipe tomorrow)
  • clothesline and pins from dollar store
  • well used (donated to me) covers
  • homemade ($2.00) wool longies
  • pins bought at dollar store
  • rubber gloves bought at hannaford