Monday, January 25, 2010

Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Up-Cycle! (part one)

So, I wanted to do some re-organizing in my house so things wouldn't be all over the place (namely the floor).  I thought at first that I might have to buy some storage bins and new bookshelves.  But I was wrong.  *Hooray!*

First up- This is 4yo dd's old toybox-

It has been emptied out, turned around, and placed in the living room for it's new purpose.

It's now shoe storage! I had origionally had all the shoes in individual baskets. But they were hard to get to (under the computer desk) and people forgot which basket was theirs. ugh. So they now go in this box under the window. And if they can't find their shoes- no longer my problem.

But what to do with the baskets that used to hold the shoes???

Well, here's what I did with one of them.

As far as dd's toys- She got a new, larger toybox made by her Pepere for Christmas. Normally I despise toyboxes as my kiddos tend to acquire small toys with many pieces. Those don't do well with a large toybox. So I used a small cubbie from another room to try to organize the toybox. See?

I did more than just this, but I have errands to run, so I'll have to post the rest tomorrow.


Sheri said...

Nice idea! Old toy box for shoes (Problem is shoes start to smell, LOL, you can tell I have a teen, and must have fresh air! LOL at least in this house). What a wonderful new toybox!

You asked on my blog what curriculum we use. Well...the kids are "raised" on Five in a Row, every year we row differently, this is an oral year, not much hands on, it's been too rough of a year. My oldest son (15) and my 9 year old son are using Lifepacs. Makes like easier for me, so yeah, purely selfish reasons. My 7 year old uses FIAR (and 9 year old listens in). But he also uses SSRW, random math worksheets, Little Man in the Map Geography (fun fun fun little book), etc. My 12 year old daughter is very very artsy and has a hard time with any traditional learning SO she is sort of unschooling and studying whatever I not that she is interested in. I have her use various forms of media to show me what she has learned, one she really enjoys is (free interactive online posters that you can make)

So apparently I have ADD also. LOL

Its So Very Cheri said...

The wood toy box looks so nice and sturdy. That will be a great piece to hold on to through the years--even beyond toy box years.

I came by to follow you as well, thanks for following me.

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